Your business has a mission and you don’t want anything to get in the way, least of all an unclean and unkempt workspace. When things get filled with business meetings with potential clients. The state of your office can say a lot about you and the way you run your business. It’s all about impressing clients and employees and, of course, maintaining a sanitary and organised office for your own good!

Give Dream Cleaning Group a call and you will never have to worry about your business being clean or tidy enough for clients and employees to walk in! We offer a wide menu of office and business cleaning services to ensure that all your cleaning needs are taken care of in the most efficient manner.

Whatever your business, it will be clean with Dream Cleaning Group.

Care Centers
Dental Clinics
Retail Stores


Lobby Cleaning

Furniture In Requested Areas Dusted
All Glass Tables Cleaned and Windexed
Floors Swept and Mopped and Carpet Vacuumed
All Trash Cans Emptied
Main Door Entrance Wiped Down
All Inside Glass Cleaned

Work Spaces

Vacuuming daily debris from all floor areas (including tile)
Disinfectant mopping of all hard floor and tiled areas
Empty waste bins, wash as needed and add new liners
Standard glass cleaner to wipe down all glass areas
Damp-wipe hard surfaces with mild disinfectant
Polish brass and bright work
Clean walls and painted surfaces as needed
Wipe down door handles, light switches and baseboards

Restroom Cleaning

Trash Emptied
Soap, Paper Towels and Toilet Paper Refilled
Shower (if present) Washed and Hard Water Stains Removed from Glass and Glass Doors
Walls and Fixtures (partitions, knobs, doors, etc) Wiped Down
Counters and Sinks Fully Washed and Disinfected
All Items Dusted Off or Wiped Down on Counters
Faucets Cleaned and Polished
All Mirrors and Light Fixtures Cleaned
Toilets and Urinals Cleaned and Disinfected
Floors Swept And Mopped

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